Hey Everyone!  Im Stacey.  In 2013, after practicing medicine in Federal Way, Washington for 10 years, I found myself in what I refer to as my "FAUX" retirement.  I was at a major life crossroad.


​My parents asked me to return to my home state of Missouri.  My mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease a few years earlier. It had come to a point to where my parents needed full time help with her home care.  So, I left my busy well established practice to become the primary caretaker for my mother.

So what do you do when you go from 100 miles an hour to 10?  You slow down and smell the roses. I returned to my roots and started crafting again.  It started with small projects to keep mom entertained and focused.   Those small crafting projects led me to making handmade items and eventually to selling home decor paint and supplies.


We all have day to day stressors from which we need a break. Let’s find a way to relax, get some personal time and/or have fun with our loved ones.   I hope you will join me on a FUN, EASY, DIY journey.  We will discover creativity that can enhance our lives and homes. Relax and Enjoy. Let's Make Life Beautiful Together.

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