These stencils have an adhesive backing and mesh inserts (the white areas of the stencil) to help prevent bleed in your designs.  Stencils will work with your favorite water based paint or chalk paste.   *I recommend a thicker consistency paste such as the prima redesign paste or our small batch handcrafted chalk paste. Stencil care instructions will be sent with your order and can be viewed here at anytime.


  • Stencils can be reuseable as many as 20 times if cared for properly.  Each stencil is handmade to order.  Dementions are based on film size, not design. Each stencil is made with at least one half inch around the design to make it easier to apply to your surface.
  • Stencil care instructions will be sent with your order and can be viewed here at anytime.
  • We recommend using natural scrubby soaps to clean our stencils. Scrubby soaps are available through our website on the tools page.



  • BLUE STENCILS are recommended for glass, ceramic, chalkboards, and other smooth surfaces. They are not sticky to touch but will become more tacky as they are pressed onto a surface. The more pressure the better the adherence.

  • PURPLE STENCILS are ideal for wood, fabrics, textiles, and other textured surfaces. They are sticky to the touch. 


  • Application of Stencil:  Place a mark on the carrier sheet (shiny side) of stencil to indicate the back.  Remove the carrier sheet, do not throw it away.   Place the stencil adhesive side down on your surface.  Apply pressure taking care to remove any bubbles.  *

    Application of Water based ink, paint or paste:  Apply paint to surface of the stencil and brush to cover all the clear mesh areas.  It is sometimes helpful to use a squeegee to apply the paint or ink.  Carefully remove the stencil to prevent smudging.   Let surface dry. 

    Cleaning Stencil for Reuse:  Lightly scrub the top of stencil to remove excess paint (I recommend scrubby soap). Rinse both sides of stencil. Place stencil adhesive side up on a smooth flat surface.  Reapply the carrier sheet to the stencil (take care to reapply the carrier as it was removed).  Squeegee the surface to remove excess water.  Flip stencil and genlty wipe away any remaining water or residue.  Allow to dry 40-60 minutes before reuse. 

    *To increase stickiness when using the stencil,  gently blot the adhesive side with a damp cloth. Too much moisture can ruin your stencil.  I usually allow it to dry a few minutes before applying to my surface.