Our metallic paints are specially designed for use on furniture and cabinets.  They have a large amount of acrylic resin and will dry very hard and durable.  They are available in quarts, pints and in a 4 ounce size, and can be a beautiful enhancement on knobs and pulls on furniture.


Clean all surfaces to remove dirt, oil, grease or other contaminates.  

Shake or stir these metallic paints well before use and during use. 

Paint base coat of Paint Couture in a color similiar to the metallic paint, for example, use British Grey under Silver Star.  


Metallics dry quickly so a well loaded brush is key.  Use a synthetic brush and apply the paint in a long fluid stroke in one direction.  Avoid stopping and starting as this will show a brush mark.  Brush the metallic paint on the surface all in the same direction.  On a table top or on an item that is heavily used, a topcoat of Couture Topcoat is recommended.  Wait 24 hours after applying the metallic paint prior to applying the topcoat.


PriceFrom $8.75
  • ***In stock colors are listed and shipped from our store.  All other sizes will be shipped directly from paint couture to you.  Larger sizes are listed seperately on website.